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Get three portable staging quotes in 24 hours, all from one place. Portable Staging is very useful to lots of organisation types, including schools, choirs, churches, exhibitors and village halls. Where there is a need for a temporary stage solution, portable staging fits the bill. There are a few staging brands on the market, and we have taken the time to review these for you. If you would like to receive 3+ staging quotations within 24 hours to suit your budget, get started here.

You can use this cool staging builder tool to get an approximate price for the staging configuration you require. It is easy to use, just use the top button settings to choose the size and height of the staging you need, then drag and arrange them on the stage design grid. Your configuration will be calculated with a guide price of the likely budget you’ll need to raise, as you add items to the grid.

Most Answered Question – March

The question we answered the most was, “Is there a benefit to choosing large platform sizes, rather than small?” 

The answer is yes, because in most brands of portable staging, there are the same amount of locking mechanisms in a small decks as a large ones, so… read more

Portable Staging Guide Choir Staging Guide Backdrop Guidelines
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A guide to buying Portable Staging & related products! What to consider when buying Choir Staging Backdrop guidelines to give your staging that wow factor


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