Funding your stage





Local Theatre

Local Choir

Community Group

Village Hall

Leisure Centre

These are all places that may be interested in helping you co-fund or provide funding for a staging purchase.

There are lots of places you can obtain funding for staging. For instance Revostage purchasers who fall into the Education Arts or Leisure category, can obtain an automatic 37% discount from the RRP. Further lots of private companies, such as Banks, Mainstream retailers and even Building companies offer community funded loans, grants and awards. There’s also a website called grant-finder that may be able to help you find freely available monies to help purchase your stage.

In Cornwall a large construction material company was giving away monies to the local community church and village hall groups to fund purchases to improve their facilities, as a goodwill gesture for excavating millions of tons of quarry stone from the region.

The message is, ask the question, as you may be surprised who is willing to help.

Businesses like the press exposure of good local news, and it can often be cheaper than the marketing costs associated with the same.

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