Unistage Portable Staging

Manufactured in: UK

Deck Sizes & Weights: 750x750mm (10kg)

Available Heights: 360mm 540mm (others available)

Weight Loading Capacity: 750x750m Deck at 360mm (2.7kN)

1 Deck & Leg Assembly time: 1 minute initially, and 35 seconds there after

Storage: Trolley

3×2.25m Stage Package as at Mar 14: £1803

BE an FIRA standard manufacturing. Unistage is made with good quality materials, and interesting colours available. The ranges suit light and middle duty use. Takes slightly longer to erect than modular staging, but still pretty quick. A bit like attaching tables together. But the decks can be made reversible for a small increase in cost. Lots of bespoke options for all sorts of applications. Good lifespan is cared for properly.

Website: http://www.unistage.co.uk/