Staging Questions and Answers – Stage Platforms

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… therefore NexGen by Portable Stage are one manufacturer that has tackled this issue straight on. If you want the ease of the smaller 1x1m deck platforms,  but don’t want to compromise on price, this is a good quality brand. Some users do however want the larger 2x1m deck platforms, to add to existing stocks.

Using the smaller 1x1m stage platforms has lots of benefits, from smaller storage, and transport space, to light easy to handle platforms. You’ll also find that you need to check the frame extrusion on the stage platforms you intend to buy, if you already have portable staging, because you will want to attach them together. Point of note: Don’t forget you’ll need to be able to transport 2 metre long decks in a vehicle, if they are to be used in multiple venues. So 1x1m deck platforms could be worth paying that little bit more for.

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